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Residency Legal Services

Are you considering in shifting your living or working environment and moving to sunny Crete?

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Golden Visa

Non-EU nationals can take advantage of the optimum  Greek Golden Visa  scheme, a five-year residency program, which allows you to live in Greece and travel across the Schengen region without a visa. Family members can be included in the residency program.  For the island of Crete, the investment threshold remains at 250.000 €. The low investment requirements combined with the perfect weather and the island’s natural beauty, makes Crete the ideal place to live.

Digital Nomad’s visa

Non-EU nationals, self-employed or under work contracts, who are able to work remotely by using information and communication technologies with employers and/or clients outside Greece (Digital Nomads) are eligible for acquiring a visa for a period up to twelve months. Family members can accompany the main applicant and they are granted individual visa with the same term as the digital nomad visa.

Financially Independent Person’s Visa

If you are not interested in buying property in order to acquire residency rights and you are not a digital nomad or you wish to enjoy an extended residency period, then the Visa for Financially Independent Person is the right scheme for you. 

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